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Recare Cosmetics offers you personalized advice and innovative cosmetics to protect your skin heritage thanks to an expert beauty routine.


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Dr. Alessandra Pessotto


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Our products

Recare Cosmetics invites you to explore its precious collections born from chemical formulative combinations, which work on various skin areas , such as forehead, cheekbones and décolleté neck.


DXF Collection

Dedicated to those who have particularly sensitive skin, the products of this collection base their effectiveness on natural active ingredients obtained thanks to biotechnology.


PXF Collection

Soft-surgery formulations loved both by those who turn to the aesthetic doctor, and by those who would still like to show a fresh and relaxed skin without go to fillers.


Aimed at the medical-aesthetic field

Products designed to improve skin texture and stimulate the skin to regenerate itself. The potted answer to outpatient chemical peels.

Soleamore Collection

A collection dedicated to sun protection, to avoid cell damage. In this way the skin, despite the photo-exposure, does not age.



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1 March 2020

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