SOLEAMORE Collection

The Recare SOLEAMORE line includes specific products for protection from UVA / UVB sunrays and thanks to the presence of peptides it performs an antiaging action. 

The SOLEAMORE sunscreen line carries out a protective action on the skin linked not only to sun filters but also to the high stability of the antioxidant and to a new generation hexapeptide able to protect and possibly repair cellular DNA compromised by the sun’s rays. . Specifically, the action of the PXF SOLEAMORE peptide mimics the action of a protein (FOXO 3a) involved in all repair mechanisms of damaged DNA. In numerical terms, these restorative effects are 84.3%, 99% and 90.8% respectively for fibroblasts, keratinocytes and melanocytes. Thus, thanks to SOLEAMORE, in addition to improving the quality of the tan in terms of uniformity and brightness, the skin does not suffer photo-induced damage, maintaining over time the typical appearance of a young and healthy skin (more compact and elastic).
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