PXF Collection

The Recare PXF collection includes specific products for globally antiaging treatments.


PXF Collection

Recare PXF was born from a careful observation of the demand in the cosmetic field, from which it emerged that customers are increasingly close to aesthetic medicine. From this, we took a cue from what are the canons (dictates) in the medical / aesthetic field, to maintain or even improve the youth of the skin.

In fact, to ensure a youthful appearance, as we are told by aesthetic medicine, it is essential to act on:

  • uniformity of the complexion and possible improvement of skin spots (through a uniform distribution of melanin in the various layers of the epidermis);
  • maintain the convexity of the face over time, mainly working on the zygomatic structure (stimulating the production of endogenous fat by mimicking the effect of a lipofilling);
  • counteract the force of gravity on which skin laxity depends, which occurs above all in the mandibular, submental and neck area (restoring a balance in the distribution and general assembly of all the supporting fibers involved in the compacting function of the dermis, similarly to what happens with ultrasound);
  • work on expression lines, mainly referring to the upper third of the face, as it happens through the use of botulinum toxin (through the combination of a penta and a hexapeptide the effect of botulinum toxin is enhanced up to 260% and above all and the result is maintained for 6-8 months).
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