Who We are

The history of Recare Cosmetics

The history of Recare Cosmetics has its roots in the experience of Dr. Alessandra Pessotto, who, having personally dealt with skin problems, decided to make her own path of life and profession a true mission in the pharmaceutical and aesthetic fields.

The main objective behind this path was to acquire a complete training in order to offer consultancy support and create quality and cutting-edge products , with healing and beneficial properties for all those who wish to take care of their skin and keep its youth alive, if not even improve it.

The next step was to combine his knowledge and professionalism with those of Fabio Pessotto, brother and partner of Dr.ssa, thus creating a product brand dedicated to declining a new paradigm in skin care.


A gesture of love for your skin

The goal of Recare Cosmetics is to offer” a 360-degree beauty advice “ defining a sort of anti-aging therapy, which includes not only the beauty routine that best suits your needs, but also a targeted dietary supplement and a possible aesthetic suggestion.


The concept of anti-aging treatment, seen in its uniqueness, is now outdated. For us at Recare Cosmetics, in fact, talking about anti-aging treatment means identifying a combined protocol that includes various specialties.


All this in order to offer an exclusive service, ensuring a targeted and effective solution for your needs.

Recare Cosmetics wants to act as a point of reference just a click away for you: so that you can enjoy, through digital, the opinion of an expert able to offer you targeted and decisive advice for various skin needs.



Beauty pearls

The corporate mission of Recare Cosmetics consists of two main objectives.


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Personalized advice

An optimal consulting service tailored to your needs.

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High quality cosmetics

Specific products for the maintenance of skin youth and its well-being