RECARE Xtreme Formula

Development of RECARE Xtreme Formula was based on the close observation of the current demands in cosmetics. This research helped us to found out that the clientele is getting much more closer to the aesthetic medicine to maintain or even improve the skin’s youth. In fact, to ensure a youthful appearance, as we are told by the principles of the aesthetic medicine, it is essential to act on:

  • uniformity of the complexion and eventual improvement of eventual skin spots (which we obtain through a uniform distribution of melanin in the various layers of the epidermis);
  • preservation of the convexity of the face, acting mainly on the zygomatic arch structure (stimulating the endogenous production of fat mimicking the effect of a lipofilling);
  • defeating the force of gravity which determines the skin laxity that occurs mainly in the mandible, and submental and in the neck area (restoring a balance in the distribution and general assembling of all the support fibers involved in compacting the dermis function , similarly to what happens with the use of ultrasound );
  • expression wrinkles, especially referring to the upper third of the face, as it is done usually through the use of botulinum toxin (through the combination of a penta and of a hexapeptide which increase the effect of botulinum toxin up to 260% and above – this action extend the result of the corrective aesthetic for 6-8 months).

We consider this product line very innovative. Its action is no longer dedicated only to a general action of antiaging (as usually done), but it also refered to a specific action, aimed and focused on a particular area of the face.
All this is supported by a painstaking research, verified by in vivo tests, thanks to which synthetic molecules and peptides have been designed specifically to hold precisely aimed functionality. In addition, RECARAE line is supported by an integral process of advanced technologies (combinatorial chemistry, molecular models or functional genomics) guarantor not only of highly precise structure of assets but also of their high purity and safety. That’s after just ten days after application, you can see very obvious results.
RECARE innovative line follows the dictates of aesthetic medicine, namely:

  1. helps the relaxation of the upper 3rd of the face (ie distension expression wrinkles around the eyes and forehead)
  2. helps the repositioning of zygomatic area (volumizing zygomatic)
  3. restore the mandibular profile counteracting the force of gravity in the lower third of the face

The main element of Recare line’s success is to follow not only the favoring of skin elasticity, smoothness, hydration, but especially helping obtain all those elements of the beauty which are dictated by the aesthetic medicine and which determinate the image of the contemporary woman.

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