Hyaluronic Acid Serum CL (cross linked)

“The first viable alternative to injectable filler”

This is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid obtained from high purity fermentation. It improves skin hydration and maintains it for a long time.

Cross linking ensures that this acid is not degraded by enzymes and consequently its benefits (improvement of skin roughness and elasticity) will be visible day after day.

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid is made up of spherical particles that boast strong water absorption properties.

For this reason, this hyaluronic acid acts as a dermal filler for topical use rapidly reducing the appearance of wrinkles immediately after application.

It is a valid topical alternative to injectable filler.


“For the first 200 people it can be purchased with a 100% discount”

Yes, you got it right; you will only have to pay the shipping costs of € 15.00 and you will receive a product in 30 ml format.

With this initiative, Recare wants to involve its public and have a preview of the products that it will officially launch on the market in the near future.

In fact, Recare believes it is of fundamental importance to receive feedback from its customers and for this reason it offers the possibility of giving suggestions regarding the various aspects concerning its products (texture, pleasantness, effectiveness, fragrance, etc.) </ p>

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